Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mother's going GREEN Day 2 - Wednesday is Garbage Pick Up Day

How Charming - Our weeks worth of garbage....5 standard garbage bags.
Lets look at my garbage:
  • 2 garbage bags in picture above contain disposable diapers (remember I have a toddler and an infant)
  • I would say the another 11/2 could be kitchen waste (those kids don't always eat all the food served to them and then it is those fruit & vegetable peelings, coffee filters etc.)
  • The remainder I am not certain
General facts about North American garbage:
  • an adult produces 600 times their weight in garbage over their life time. Now that's 40825 kilograms for a 68 kilogram adult. - Natural Resources Canada
  • 1/3 of our garbage is paper and paperboard, 1/3 is kitchen and yard wast and rest is made up of glass,metals, plastics, textiles wood and other materials - Environment Canada
  • Americans create nearly 210 million tons of garbage each year. About 31/2 pounds of garbage is thrown away every day in the US -
Hopefully, by this time next week I can get rid of a couple of bags of garbage:
  • I will be more mindful of what is going into the trash
  • Look at composting our organic kitchen and yard waste
  • Switch to cloth diapers instead of disposable

Stay logged on and lets see what becomes of my garbage.

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Craig Baird said...

It is amazing how much garbage we can produce.
Where I live in BC, there is a bylaw that states all houses have to buy City of Rossland garbage bags. The garbage men will not pick them up if you don't. They cost $7.50 for 10 small ones or $15 for 10 big ones. You will be surprised by how much less garbage you throw out when you have to pay that much for garbage bags (which are also biodegradable).

Great post.