Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mother's going GREEN - Organic Make Up

I have been using my make up for a while now and rather than rush out and buy all natural and green products I figured I would only replace finished items with the new and improved greener versions.

I do not and have never spent large sums of money on make up - drug store brands have pretty much sufficed for me. I do not wear that much and never bought into the claims the more expensive companies make about me looking and staying younger.

The other day my blush accidentally fell on the floor smashing it and leaving me with none. A perfect opportunity to head to the drugstore to see what I could replace it with. My drugstore carried a brand called "Organic Wear" by Physicians Formula and I picked up a new blush and I figured I would try out a lip colour too.

It states that it is 100% of the total ingredients are of a natural origin - but in researching it a bit further I discovered that some of the ingredients are not so natural and according to this site (Cosmetic Data Base) one of the ingredients rates a 4 out of 10 (10 being not natural at all). Considering when I enter my old brand of make up the results came up a 7 or greater I think this is a great difference and price is not bad too.

What I really enjoyed too about this new product is the packaging. The lip colour is a corn based bio-plastic - which is good. Most impressive was the compact for the blush. It is made out of cardboard pretty much. The packaging states 93% less plastic than conventional compacts. I like it and I am looking forward to weather it holds up as well as the plastic counter part does.

So while it is not totally rank at 0 out of 10 it is:

-- 100% Free of Harsh Chemicals
-- 100% Free of Parabens
-- 100% Free of Genetically Modified Organisms
-- 100% Free of Synthetic Colours and Fragrances
-- 100% Cruelty Free

For now I will give this brand a try, it suits my wallet and is 'greener' than most.


EcoLabel Fundraising said...

I am just impressed that you wear makeup regularly. I am hard-pressed to splash on more than undereye cover and mascara most days. My husband prefers me in none at all, so I guess I'm lucky!


Jen D said...

Jeanne; I am lucky too that my husband likes me wit or without make up. I do not wear a lot of it - but do enjoy highlighting my positives with a touch of blush and natural lip colour. Nothing wrong in still looking good and being green.

Mandy said...

Hi my name is mandy yearsley. I ran across your blog from google search. I just recently started using "natural" makeup. My friend started a company with her mother and they sell natural organic beauty products at a very reasonable price.They just got there company started in april and are doing very well so far. If you interested let me know, I can send you a magazine or you can check out the website. Its not 100% complete but its enough that you'll get the jist of things. Sorry about my rambling but like you I am trying to go green.

saucy salsita said...

I love organic makeup. i can literally fedl the difference when i put on chemical based makeup and organic. it's amazing!
I've been a big fan of your blog and have incorporated a bunch of your tips. Finally got a blog up and have nominated your blog for an award!
Also put you on my blogroll so that I will keep coming back:)
Saucy Salsita, AKA
The Green, Sexy Expat - Greening it up in Costa Rica!

Anonymous said...

I checked this out at SuperStore recently as I am looking for alternates as my other products run out. I love the concept of this brand. I will likely be buying some of their products when I need to replace what I've got - if I can guess the right shade.

Anonymous said...

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