Thursday, March 4, 2010

Please Consider the Envirnment Before Printing

Since moving to the beautiful province of Saskatchewan, I have been lucky enough to get a job where I work from home. Hows that for reducing my carbon footprint? I enjoy the job very much and communicate mostly by e-mail to prospective and existing 'clients'.

The thing I am slowly discovering about my new home is that it is not on the "green" cutting edge, and I am faced with daily 'green' obstacles in my community.

Today, I added the "please consider the environment before printing this e-mail" to my e-mail signature. I took the time to google this and saw many comments on its UN-usefulness...just google it and you too can see the comments. However, I believe that it is a very important reminder and another tool to create 'green' awareness. There are still some people who print everything they get on e-mail, this can just serve as a gentle reminder to them. To those who are offended by this reminder well - too bad - write whatever you want on your e-mail signature, that's the beauty of it - we are all free to express ourselves as we choose and I choose to express my "green" concerns.

If my e-mail signature can help reduce the printing of the e-mails that I send out - then to me that is success. Every little green act adds up eventually and the awareness can continue.

One of the comments that got me all riled up was: "when you do print one of these e-mails with the 'consider the environment' signatures, the signature always requires a second page, a then wasted page" What I would like to say to that is: Then delete the darn signature before printing!!




Mommy said...

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jane walts said...

in anything that we do, we should atleast try to be socially and environmentally responsible.

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