Friday, April 1, 2011

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Okay so we have heard it before, so many times and you would figure that we undersstood it.  Well most of us do:  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  Most of us are very good at the recycle part.  For me that is the easiest... Recycling.  But then on todays like today, I stop and think and complain a little:  "Why are my recycling cans so small for everything I am trying to recycle; I am trying to be green here and how can I when I can not fit all my recycling in the little bin provided...etc."  BUT I forget or more correctly find it a challenge the reducing part.  I really need to stop and think about the reducing and reusing portions of the cycle.  I think for the week that will be my goal:  REDUCE!!!

Have you mastered the reduce aspect - share your success through your comments.


Lisa Sharp said...

Yeah we forget that the three R's are in order of what we should do. People look at me puzzled when I said I'm trying to reduce my amount of recycling. I of course want to recycle everything I can but recycling still uses energy so it's better to use less even if it can be recycled.

On Green Carpet said...

Yes, I agree that the reducing part is the most difficult. Well, I find inspiring the site of Plastic free Beth, and try to buy less packaged food if I can. Somehow weird though it is here in London that in the shop the only Organic salad you find is packaged in plastic.. yuk. Well, farmers market is a good idea then instead.
I also find it helpful to buy bigger sizes, if need to have packaging- bigger salad packages, bigger milk bottles etc. It's less in the bin in the end.
I try not to buy things in double packaging. It's ridiculous that some porrige oats for example are packed in plastic bag and then in a nice carton box.
And sometimes all I need to do is to ask myself in the store- do I really need this? (This is mostly applicable to non-food items).
Good luck to all of us with all 3 Rs!! :)

Anonymous said...

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wholesale coogi said...

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Bumi Hijau said...

hallo Green mother

I was looking a picture about reduse, reuse, and recycle and i find your blog. Im writing about RRR, if you don't mind visit my website (Indonesian version, but you can translate it to english). anyway, your blog is great... greeneeeeee..... :)

Salam bumi hijau

EcoAgentLA said...

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