Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mother's going GREEN Day 78 to 81 - Back on the GREEN Schedule

Day 78, Day 79 miss a few Day 81. Having the husband at home for a few days after our vacation puts my schedule out of whack. As I explained to him I run a tight ship around here and he just gets me out of my routine. Makes my life much busier as I now need to tend to his needs too... All the wives out there - I am sure you can relate!!! But he is back at work today and life returns to normal. Please do not get me wrong - I enjoy having my husband around and miss him now that he is back at work but now I have time to get back to blogging...

On the subject of my dear darling husband - he seems to have taken some several steps back on the green scale since we returned from home..... that darn darling husband (DDH). I asked him to go to the store to pick up some organic baby rice cereal - (started solids for our little one - but more on that on a another posting).

The DDH returns after several hours with plastic bags of stuff....His excuse for the plastic: "Well I did not think to take the canvas bags as I was just getting cereal". Then why did you not just get the cereal.....

Then there was the new coffee maker - Here is a snippet of the conversation:

"Jen the old one is terrible does not keep the coffee warm after a couple hours and it spills the coffee when you try and pour it - and besides this one does not have a pot so no spills and you can get a cup of coffee with one hand - look the picture on the box. The mother is holding her child while she gets a cup of coffee - I just had to get it."

With a stunned expression I respond: "Did you forget that we only buy stuff we really and truly need - not just want and besides I never had a problem pouring a cup of coffee with one hand using the old coffee pot. And you should be drinking the coffee after it is made and not leaving it turned on all morning hoping it will stay warm when you want it."

Still hoping to get himself out of his ungreenness he states: " Well if I use this coffee maker, I can make coffee to take to work in a reusable cup rather than buy some on the way to work; idling the car while I wait to go through the drive-through and then land up throwing away the cup - now that is a good thing you can post in your blog."

"Sure, and you could not do all that with the old coffee pot?" I ask still a little stunned by this new object that has intruded into my green world.

If you are wondering where I am going with this - Well it is quite simple - Do not buy stuff you do not need. Do not fall for the marketing on the packaging and do not buy things on a whim!!! Think GREEN!!!

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Greener Grass Notes, Inc. said...

Buying things on a whim. My weakness. I hate shopping. I either accomplish getting what I need or don't need one of two ways. 1. Buy on a whim something I feel like I deserve for being so dedicated to everything in my life. 2. Go to the sales racks (cause I am thrifty) and buy something I could need.

The result is that I have a wedding to go to tonight and nothing to wear which is why I'm writing on your blog. To avoid the issue.

Jeanne R