Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mother's going GREEN Day 84 - Spreading the Eco - Word

Today's post will be brief - I think- I say this as sometimes I start out with this thought but the posting lands up to be lengthy.

The other day I gave myself a new job title. Stay at home mom does not quite cover it. As I have stated in my blogger profile I am now an "Environmental Manager - Lifestyle Applications" Now doesn't that sound important... Well, yes it does and it is an important job - part of my job description is spreading the Eco-word. I then went on to create my own business card of sorts.
The business card stems from a recent incident I had at a local store. I forgot my bags at home (something I seem to be doing quite often - not sure why) but I got to the cashier with quite a number of items and requested not to have a bag. The cashier looked at me quizzically and piled up my items as she scanned them. I then attempted to load them into my arms to carry them out of the store. Remember I have 3 children that are always with me. One I am usually toting around in a car seat so my one hand is always full. The cashier watching my struggles again offered me a plastic bag and I replied: "No thanks, I am saving the environment and will figure something out." I did... the kids each carried 2 items, I stuffed a bunch in my purse and some I stuffed around the sleeping infant in the car seat. We made it back to the car where I unloaded the loot into the trunk.
I felt very satisfied with myself. But I did feel that I could have offered the cashier more of an explanation - other than 'I am saving the environment' hence I came up with the idea of the 'business card' I can hand them out to people I meet - like the cashier - it may explain what may appear to some as my peculiar behaviour.

The front of the card is a snapshot of my blog with my blog address and on the back it has some tips we can use to live greener.

I am hoping this will continue to spread the green word - the more people who implement the smallest of green changes will ultimately make a big difference. SPREAD THE WORD. Green is the new black. BE GREEN.

I too would like to take this time to apologise for any typo's that may appear in my blog. Often I am typing with an infant on my lap and click on the publish now button when the children are needing my attention without proof reading. Thanks to all who read through these errors and still post great comments.


Sabrina Aahmed said...

I must first say that I am a big fan of this blog. It is a true testament to how the efforts of one person can really make a difference, especially in the Green Community.

I completely agree that being a member of this community and living this lifestyle comes with certain responsibilities, to ourselves, to the world and to the community. Spreading the word is one of them.

I think it is very important that when one has knowledge of resources that can enlighten other people and bring them helpful information that you should share them! So in compliance to that sentiment I would like to share the word about a resource that I have found to be endlessly helpful.

http://www.greeneutopia.com/ is an excellent resource for up to date information on everything Green. The site also has a store that offers a line of green and sustainable products that are competitively priced along with volumes of information for consumers to educate themselves on how to live a more sustainable life. I am sure that this site will eventually become a community for those who strive to live "off the grid". So if you haven't visited yet, I encourage you to do so!

Go Green!
Sabrina Aahmed

On Green Carpet said...

This is such an amazing idea how to spread the word! You are doing great job, more of us should do so! Were you home-printing the cards or found some place where they do some "green" business cards?