Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mother's going GREEN Day 83 - Greening my Baby Food

You would think by now I would be a pro at this - now starting my 3rd child on solids... well I think we are getting close to perfecting it.

I remember with my son (our first) - my husband and I would spend one day a month making his food from scratch and then freezing it (in plastic containers and non organic food). We thought he was lucky and getting the best food ever. Our second unfortunately ate everything from a jar (well she hardly ate - did not like much of anything and still doesn't - I am constantly amazed that she survives on what little she does eat - but that is whole other subject). Now our third... they say practise make perfect.

First off we have not purchased any of those fun little plastic dishes to serve their first meals in. One with lids, multiple colours and all those fancy plastic spoons that change colour when the food is too hot. We are using stainless steel teaspoons and little glass containers.

Secondly we are not spending hours preparing her food from scratch and then freezing it. She is basically eating what we eat. If we have carrots - I cook some extra well done - puree it and then serve. Same with peas, potatoes, beets, etc. Fruit like bananas are again pureed and then served. All my kids love apple sauce and we purchase a large container of organic apple sauce and I serve that to her. No need to stock up on those tiny little jars of food (which are not necessarily all recycled by many families out there). I will admit that I do purchase the organic baby cereals - as I do not think I have the time to make those from scratch or even know how - so if you do - please share your thoughts on this.

I am finding my new way of preparing food for my little one to be very simple, easy, fresh organic and 'green' - and she seems to be loving it. Perhaps too because it is my third child I am not being overly concerned about he possibility of allergies and am serving her something different each day (they say you should serve the same food several times to rule out any allergies - since none of my other children have allergies - perhaps I am hoping for the best).

The World Health Organization also suggest that you breastfeed exclusively for 6 months before introducing solids - again as with my first I am not sticking to this. She seems interested and has her first tooth at 4 and half months and is enjoying the food - so I feed her. My philosophy is - if you have teeth you can start on solids - but this is a personal choice.

In closing I would like to say that feeding your baby 'green' is quite simple - I wish I had done so with my other children. But live and learn.


Kimberly said...


Since I will soon be embarking upon the world of baby food again (my 2nd child is due in September), I REALLY appreciated this post.

I have been reading a lot about organic baby food and it all seemed a bit daunting. Thank you for making the task of feeding your baby "good for you" food not seem so unobtainable.

I continue to enjoy your blog! Cheers, Kimberly

Greener Grass Notes, Inc. said...

I couldn't have said it better myself! I breastfed my daughter for one year. She started biting, so that ended it! (introducing solids at 4 months)

I feed my daughter organic homemade food also. Once you get yourself in the routine and mind-frame to give them fresh veggies and fruits, then it is a cinch.

It is so much of a cost savings also compared to buying individually packaged baby foods!

Erika said...

I'm a first time visitor. Great post and blog. Way to go mom of three. We are nursing and doing homemade organic foods and having a fun little journey.