Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mother's going GREEN Day 6 - Simple things CAN make a difference

I was reminded today that simple things can make a difference....

In my on-going journey to reduce our family's ecological footprint, I am looking at the what I am throwing out without much thought. One of the items is receipts. Paper receipts from stores. While it may not be a big thing it all adds up. A statistic I posted earlier says that 1/3 of garbage is paper products. These can be reused and recycled and not tossed out.

Recently I had to run to a store to purchase on item and left with a receipt of 11inches long (photo to the right) for one item. I have never been one to keep receipts, If I buy it I usually want it and don't plan on returning it, but I also usually just throw them out.

Today, I have decided to keep them and reuse them. Our family keeps a pad of paper stuck on the fridge where we write our grocery list. It is a running list as when something runs out we just note it on the list. From today on I will be using the back of my foot long receipts. I have a nice magnetic fridge clip that will keep them together nicely and who knows now if I ever do need to return something I will have the receipt.

This way I will reuse the paper and then be sure to recycle it.

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Craig Baird said...

This is a great idea. One of the best things you can do is re-use something, before you recycle it. Then you are hitting two birds with one stone.