Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mother's going GREEN Day 22 - Organic Food

Cooking for the most part just overwhelms me - the thought of it gets me flustered. I guess some people have a fear of public speaking but for me it is cooking - the food thing in general. Hence I married a chef. Throw in the organic food situation and my mind really goes for a loop.

Because I am a mother and my husband works long hours, I needed to learn how to cook and when I thought I finally could cook and prepare meals - they just were not good enough. Now they need to be 'organic' not packaged but fresh and preferably made from scratch. So instead of the frozen pancakes you put in the toaster - I now need to make them and with organic ingredients at that. No more meatballs and shells with tomato sauce quick from a can - they too need to be fresh - made from scratch again with organic ingredients. Very intimidating for me.

However, I can do it. My husband does all of our grocery shopping - so this last week I sent him off saying everything as much as possible needs to be organic - and lo and behold that is what I got for the most part. And now with everything I need it does not seem so daunting. I mean I can make meatballs from organic hamburger, add some organic tomato sauce; boil up some organic shell pasta and hey I have my kids favourite meal - it is fresh, organic and made from scratch.

When going shopping make sure your products are marked certified organic - usually there is a funky little label stating that. Just the words organic on the box or packaging is not good enough. When buying produce look for a number 9 at the beginning of the numbers on the little sticker that is stuck to the fruit and vegetables. This little number 9 means that it is organic.

The idea is to look for local organic first, then local non-organic, thirdly imported organic and as a last resort imported non-organic.

Soon our family will sign up for an organic produce delivery service. They will for a fee provide us with in-season fresh produce. Organic delivery companies usually are able to charge you a little less than the larger grocery stores can.

Here's to healthy organic eating.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your blog, it is very informative and fun to read. Its not like some that are dry reading. Keep up the great work!!!

Craig Baird said...

Organic food is great, but you are right, a bit pricey.
Layla and I end up spending about twice as long at the store now because we are looking at everything we buy, seeing not only what is in it, but where it is made and how organic it is.