Monday, June 2, 2008

Mother's going GREEN Day 7 - My take on Cloth Diapers

On Sunday (yesterday) was our first official day of cloth diapers. I thought I would leave my comments on them for today as now I can comment based on experience.

I LOVE THEM !!!! Truly and honestly they are great. I have had two kids in disposables for a 21/2 years each and would have never ever thought of making the switch to cloth. They are easy and slim fitting (and really now that is all I can say about them). I want to say they are disposable, but when you think of how long it takes for a single diaper to compose (they say up to 500 years), is it really disposable.
Cloth diapers are great - no more complicated than a disposable to put on to a baby. There are no pins like in the days way back when. If you plan to wash your diapers every second day then you do not need to put them in a pail to soak and deal with that yucky mess. What about the poop you say - well with disposables and especially in young breastfed babies as my youngest is. Their bowel movement are so runny that I was always having to rinse my child's clothes as the disposables always leaked no matter what. My baby has had 4 bowel movements and not once did the cloth leak onto her clothes. Okay so now I am dealing with a poopy diaper instead of poopy clothes.
I have only one con for the cloth diapers - well it makes my baby's bum look so much bigger - yes they are quite bulky compared to disposables.

I realize that there is still some debate out there as to weather cloth is more environmentally friendly compared to disposables.... This is how I see it:
  • Cloth have no dangerous chemicals in them (both good for my baby and the environment). Disposables have bleaching agents, and chemicals that are linked to toxic shock syndrome. Those chemicals are not good for the environment or my baby. It also these chemicals that lead to diaper rash (skin irritation) Cloth diapers are less likely to cause a rash.

  • Cloth diapers will last as long as your baby is in diapers and for future babies you may have, saving the environment and your bank account. Disposables well they are expensive and take forever to decompose. Since I plan not to have any more children, I am already thinking that these cloth diapers will make the best cleaning rags ever.

  • Washing cloth diapers is said to use up as much energy as flushing the toilet 5 times in a day. If this little baby was going to the toilet then we would be flushing it 5 times a day.

  • Furthermore They say that cloth diapers has a 53% ecological footprint of that of disposables. and since my goal is to reduce our family's footprint I am sticking with cloth.
For more websites debating cloth or disposable (although it seems cloth wins) visit:

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jollygoodANDgreen Mama said...

I've just been reading through your blog (found it on recently submitted Best Green Blogs, mine was just submitted on the 18th). I felt like I was reading my own thoughts on your posts as my family too is now more determined than ever to be as green as possible. I too have 3 small children (just turned 4, 2 1/2 and 3 months). We've also been cloth diapering for 2 months now and love it. Of course wishing as well we had used cloth on our first two. AND, just yesterday was my first attempt at cooking from scratch (I am not the cook in our house, previously I only "cook" if lives depend on it and then it's prepackaged). This of course is changing for us so I laughed (found some comfort) reading your post about cooking from scratch. Just wanted to say keep up the good green life & know that you are doing great things by spreading the word. Best. jollygoodANDgreen mama