Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mother's Going GREEN Day 36 - Food Storage

With everything I have learned on plastics and food storage, I have had to re-look at my food storage.

I have had plastic containers for I do not know how long maybe 5 years that I store left over food in. I tended to heat the food in those same plastic containers and my favourite container for cooking rice in the microwave is plastic. All that has to go....

In its place I have opted for glass dishes - they do have plastic lids but are #4 lids so a 'safe' plastic. The glass containers are nice as I can clearly see what is in them when storing them in the fridge and now do not have to take it out and open it. A quick glance lets me know what it is. They are great for reheating too - I take of the plastic lid and cover with a plate and microwave as usual. My rice cooking dish has also been replaced and now it has a lid so if I do not use all the rice I can just put the lid on and save it for another meal - no need to dish it out into another container.

Food storage is an important part of our life. I do not relish the idea of cooking so usually cook more than required so I can just reheat for a future meal. Which turns out too to be energy efficient - since it takes the same amount of energy to cook 2 cups of pasta as it does 4 cups. Reheating in the microwave takes less energy than cooking it again. But I am now getting off topic about food storage.

I will soon be looking into some stainless steel food storage options too. Mostly for school lunches and snacks on the go. Glass can be pretty heavy to carry around and with kids there is always the chance of breaking it.

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