Monday, July 21, 2008

Mother's going GREEN Day 56 - Deodorant

This topic is one I have personally been trying to avoid. Deodorant... But my chemical laden, aluminum one has all been used up. As I am going 'green' I have to now face the 'green' facts and switch my deodorant.

It took me forever to find the "poison" one that I just used. It worked well for me, but as it turns out not for the environment and I guess not for my health either. But masking the body odour and perspiration it was great.

I guess now a new search begins: The search for the right "Green" deodorant for me. Since everybody's body chemistry is different we all react differently to deodorants. I might have to try a few before I find one that works for me. When I asked my husband on Saturday to pick up some deodorant for me I said: "Please get me a 'green' deodorant and my regular one, in case the 'green' one just does not work." He in all his 'greenness' responded: "I am not buying 2 - you're going green so the 'green' one it will have to be." So I have it and am trying it. Hopefully it will work.

I have tried the crystal rock kind and it never worked for me - If anyone has any suggestions I will be quite open to hearing them. The one I am to start trying is: "Tom's of Maine" - It says: Naturally, it works" - well we will wait and see.

I have read too that if you need a quick refresh all you need do is wipe your underarms with rubbing alcohol and then reapply. I will try this trick too if need be. All I can say is thank goodness I am married already - as I am not sure I would be trying this if I was still single.


Jennifer Taggart said...

So far, I've liked Erba Vive and Weleda. Tom's of Maine has propylene glycol in it - not quite as natural as you might think.


Eryn said...

Hello! I enjoy your blog - thanks for spending time on it!
I tried the crystal many years ago and, like you, thought it didn't work for me. Then I heard that it actually takes around 6 weeks for the toxins to leave your system and that you have to persevere through that smelly grossness before it works. So, I gave it a second chance last year and it did take very close to 6 weeks but after that, it has worked like a charm ever since. AND I feel so much better not putting the poison under my arms day in and day out.
The crystal isn't effective in terms of wetness - it definitely allows the sweat to come through (but isn't that better for us anyway?). And some days I have to reapply.
Did you know the crystal also works for smelly feet? So cool!

Miia said...

Tom's of Maine didn't work for me. I got terrible rash from it.... it has to have something not so green in it. But I found other good deodorant and that it Jason. It's paraben and aluminum chlorohydrate free but it's have propylene glycol though. Their website is

Love your blog!

Annie said...

I have been using miessence organic deodorant for four years now, and it works brilliantly. You can order it online.

It's made from certified organic aloe vera and baking soda, and comes in "aroma free", "tahitian breeze" (my favorite) or ancient spice, with certified organic essential oils. It is also very economical, as it lasts for ages and you don't have to keep reapplying, once a day is fine.

There is also a 15 day money back guarantee, so if you try it and don't like it you can get a refund! (Free shipping on orders over $100).

Anonymous said...

You can check out my website to learn more about our products which includes "green" deodorant, as well as many other household products (toothpaste, soap, laundry detergent, etc..)If interested in learning more check it out!