Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Mother's going GREEN Day 44 - Alternative Transportation

So we are back on track with our postings and today I post for well today... Wednesday July 9, 2008.

Take a look at our new set of wheels. Okay so it not a top of the line sports car with all the bells and whistles. It is a 'double stroller'. Following my green shopping suggestions I purchased it second hand from Craigslist. I am so happy with it.

I love to walk but have always found it a challenge with my 2 year old who likes to dawdle and then when she gets tired - sits down and refuses to move an inch and you land up carrying her, pushing a stroller with the infant in and rounding up the 5 year old - so long distance walks to run errands have been avoided.

But times are changing and changing quickly. With gas prices the way that they are - I need to do more walking. To save the environment but also my cash. Yesterday we went on a long walk, ran errands in our new set of wheels - we were gone for a good 3 hours and it felt great. My 2 year old loves the stroller too (finally a new thing not just for the baby but for her too). I plan to do so much more walking and that goes for the winter too. Walk to school, walk to the recreation centre, walk to the movies (which we did on Sunday) just walk and walk. Besides it will also help me get rid of some of the post-pregnancy weight.

So to my green friends at Our Green Year - I say: "I am, personally, up to taking your one tank challenge." This is were you take on the challenge of using only one tank of gas a month (lucky for those who have a big tank - ha ha). My husband unfortunately cannot join in the fun as he needs to drive a long distance to and from work. But there is no need for both of us to guzzle up the gas. Why don't you take up the challenge too!!!

Remember you do not have to walk, you can cycle, skateboard, Rollerblade or take public transportation like a bus.

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