Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mother's going GREEN - Day 65 to Day 76 - On Vacation

VACATION To all my blog readers - I am now on vacation. Started a little earlier than expected as there was a very large "rock slide" blocking our quick way out to the airport. We now have to take a 10 hour detour to get to the city and our trip. With 3 kids we will probably need to make several stops on the way so we will be leaving a day earlier to compensate for this. An unexpected road trip (not great for the environment and not at all good for my one tank of gas a month challenge - to my friends at Our Green Year - does this constitute as an emergency?)

The rockslide has closed the road for approximately 5 days they (the news) is saying. It is believed that no one has been injured or killed - thank goodness. It did happen late at night.

I will blog as soon as I return (Sunday August 10, 2008) with some more tips on green travelling and to report on how we 'greened' our vacation.....


Lisa said...

Have a safe and happy trip!

greenbaby said...

We hope you had a restful trip!

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