Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mother's going GREEN Day 45 - Husband is showing signs of Green

More and more these days My husband is exhibiting hues of green, he is starting to think with the environment in mind.

He has switched from a electric edge cutter thing to a manual hand held edge cutter. He is also enjoying using it as he gets a more precise cut and avoids cutting the edges too short. The environment enjoys it as no resources are used.

My husband is a chef and works in a large corporate hotel in the city. Lately he is starting to introduce organic food items to the menu. Yesterday he brought home some samples of cookies and granola bars that he will be switching to and they are all organic. He is also looking into organic meats and poultry and looking more at local suppliers for in season produce.

While he still needs to conform to "corporate" standards he is trying to go a little greener wherever he has the power to do so. Too bad the 'corporate' mandate could not be 'greener'. But baby steps....

My husband has also not brought home a plastic bag for awhile either. Way to go Hubby!!!

Moral of today's post: If my husband can live greener, then so can you...give it a try and don't worry that it just small things to start eventually you will catch on and just keep going.


Robin said...

My husband turned down the plastic bag at the hardware store last weekend. I wanted to write it in red on the calendar! "Husband's first willfully earth-conscious act."

Craig Baird said...

Going green with your significant other on board makes a big difference.